Tech Review: SPACE WATCH

Exploring with the unlimited possibilities of space

Smart watches are the guys’ new best friends because it simplifies our daily lives by having everything (email, social media, calendar and many more on your wrist) within our reach. But having a hardcore tech watch really separate the men from the boys. Since its launch in 2013 the Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Wav-Air, it has enjoyed praises from around the world. This series boasts the world’s fastest satellite signal reception speed and it took watch technology to new heights, by syncing with satellites in space to display accurate time anywhere in the world.

The Satellite Wave -AIR synchronizes with time signals from space, bringing ultra-precise timekeeping to wherever you are on the face of the earth. Thanks to its advanced satellite timekeeping, it connects to one GPS satellite to update the watches accuracy of the second hand. While it does not update the hour or minute hand, pulling out the crown one click and turning the crown until the second hand points to the desired city can easily adjust this. There are 26 different cities to choose from, and daylight savings can also be adjusted by pushing the lower right button while the crown is out one click. It works very similar to their radio control AT models, except this can receive signal anywhere in the world.

You will need to be outdoors with a clear view of the sky in order to manually connect to the satellite; hold down the lower right button for 2 seconds. The watch will then try to connect, taking as quick as 5 seconds (or less than 10 seconds) to retrieve the updates from the satellite. You can tell when the watch goes into receive mode when the tail end of the second hand points to the ‘RX’ indicator.

Aside from these capabilities, it has a 24 hour counter, date, day of the week, DST setting and a power reserve indicator. If you push the lower right button with the crown close, the watch will show you your current power level. From a full charge, the watch can go up to two years in the dark. The satellite connection feature can also be turned off. Without connecting to satellites, the watch will maintain an +/- 15 second a month accuracy rating.

The Satellite Wave-Air captures the connection with space. Inspired by birds in flight and the sky, its design creates a unique sense of dynamism and lightness, while reflecting the distinctive human desire for boundless exploration. It is definitely futuristic and intriguing. The dial design is inspired by the solar panels used to power orbiting satellites. While paying homage to outer space, the hollowed push buttons design at 2 o’clock and 4 o’clock simulate the fuselage of navigational satellites. The case and bracelet are made entirely of titanium and have both Duratect and DLC coating to make the titanium 3-4 times harder. (NOTE: the Duratect is a clear coating keeping the original color of the titanium, while DLC – Diamond Like Carbon – gives the portions of the case a black finish). The case on the new Waves is at 49.5mm wide and 18.8mm thick but still wears extremely comfortable and lightweight. The domed sapphire adds to the thickness, so it definitely does not look as thick as its measurements.

A bit pricier than your usual smart watches, this model is approximately at US$2,500 to US$3,000, however, you can visit the Citizen Watch Store in SM Makati to get the exact retail price in the Philippines. Whatever the cost, this timepiece from a higher frontier extends a bold legend of unparalleled durability and functionality. It reflects your aspirations to explore infinite new regions. So, flaunt your spirit of space adventure with this Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Wave-Air, andexperience the thrill to connect to space.

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