Maximize Your Sexual Stamina

Having the power to last longer in sex is a common desire for many men. However, sexual stamina isn’t a number game. There is no right number of minutes or hours you should last in bed. Even researches give conflicting averages for sexual stamina. In its place, your focus should be on lasting as long as you and your partner want, whether that’s 3 minutes, 30 minutes or 3 hours.

If you’re hounded by this sexual shortcoming, relax. There are numerous ways to last longer in bed.

Keep Calm . Control of your Arousal.

Teach your body (and your mind) to relax. When you’re stressed, your body goes into fight-or-flight mode (sympathetic mode), which will lead to ejaculation. Keep calm and stay in the parasympathetic mode (rest and recovery), so you can keep control of your arousal.

3C’s of Arousal Control:
Calm, Confidence, Clear Mind

Distract your self from the sexual moment.

Think about your basketball game or some other unrelated topic, distract yourself instead by thinking about what your other body parts are doing. Focus on feeling your arms supporting your weight. Be in the moment but not too in the moment.

Switch Positions

If you feel like you’re going to orgasm too quickly, change positions. The few seconds it may take to move around may be just the breather you need to regain control. You’ll also learn which positions are easier for you to increase your sexual stamina. But if your partner is close to orgasm, just stay the course and try deep breathing or distraction to help ensure you stay in the game long enough for her to climax.
Use Condoms – Condoms have two benefits for those who’d like to last longer in bed. First, they do slightly reduce the sensation to your penis, which may help your sexual stamina. Second, condoms protect against STDs and unplanned pregnancies, which are worries that can sometimes affect a man’s stamina.


Try Desensitizing Creams – 

There are climax control gels and creams available that are also designed to numb your penis slightly. Some condoms also come with cream on the inside. The primary challenge with desensitizing creams is it can affect your partner’s ability to orgasm.


Get Dietary Boosters or Supplements 

There are several sexual herbs that have been proven effective in helping you last longer in bed. One of them is The Black Rhino –a natural male performance booster that is specifically designed to improve sexual performance. It is derived from combined natural extracts and ingredients blended together into a proprietary formula to make sex last longer, more fulfilling and satisfying and enhance the overall sexual health of both you and your partner.

In a recent actual trial activity conducted by The Black Rhino with a third-party marketing agency, this performance booster gives them different effects in their sexual performances – but one thing they have in common, it gives them the power to last longer in bed.

“I took one capsule and I had the stamina to last the whole evening…”

– Executive from Makati City.

“Anniversary naming ng wife ko. I tried taking two capsules of the Black Rhino two hours before our intimate moment. I felt I couldn’t get enough and my wife was pleasantly surprised!”

– Manager from San Mateo, Rizal

“Minsan, merong moments na medyo bitin. Maybe because pareho kaming busy and stress ng partner ko. So when I was introduced to The Black Rhino and I encouraged him to use it one hour before going to bed. . . we both felt the improvement. Mas lumakas sya at mas tumagal ang performance namin.”

– Consultant from Bulacan


There are other exercises you can do to improve your sexual stamina. Nevertheless, whatever technique that addresses your issue best, remember — stay calm, relaxed and be confident that you’ll will satisfy your partner. Have confidence in your abilities. Keep clear minded. These will keep your body in the parasympathetic mode and your arousal under control, until you’re ready to orgasm.

Information provided on this site is intended for informational and educational purposes only. It is not meant to substitute for medical advice provided by your physician or other medical professional. If you have or suspect that you have a medical problem, promptly contact your physician or health care provider. Only your physician can provide relevant diagnosis, prescribe medications and/or put you on adequate therapies.
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