Why Big Girls Have Sex Toys…



Dear Willy ‘D Great & Friends,

Yes, we have all the reasons to be glad that we are born into the age we are.  Sex toys are now considered as an essential for any independent woman (young or old). The hush hush factor attached to owning a sex toy was already lifted. No woman walks into a sex shop covering her face. Instead, they hold their head high –- giggled with friends — and proud of their sexual independence. For those guys who think they’re in a hell of trouble when they discuss one of their greatest fantasies with their girlfriends, or are too shy to try, give it a go! You have no idea what you’re missing out.


BRArticle35-Image5Did you know that most women that have NOT been able to have an orgasm, were finally able to have one after practicing with a sex toy? Now, wait a minute, before your head explodes, hear me out.  Women are having difficulties reaching the big “O”, and it’s pretty common.  Thanks to sex toys, we were able to explore, practice and help our men in bed.

Women buy sex toys the way we do with our bags and make up? We invest for good reasons.  For the most part, women are far more honest and open about owning them.  In part it relates to our attitudes towards relationships, dating and sex. The general acceptance that women own sex toys also has shows like Sex And the City to thank.


Every toy is a good investment

Sex toys may be a bit on the expensive side, but the return on investment is worth it, tenfold. It is skeptical when we first buy a sex toy, but it will surely pay us back time after time after time.  So, if it crossed your mind to buy your girl a sex toy on Valentine’s Day instead of flowers, you’re on the right track.


It’s a lifesaver and it keeps us out trouble.

We all find ourselves rubbing up against something when we get hot flashes at the sight of attractive men on sexy scenes on TV, or when our boyfriends send sexy messages and it’s getting more tempting by the hour. We are only human after all. Those silicon lords sort us out on demand, leaving our libido satisfied and out of trouble.


Instant gratification

What better way to entertain our boredom (just waiting for you guys to call us). It’s more proactive than spending several hours refreshing your Facebook newsfeed or posting non-sense tweets. And once we’re done, we’re done! We’ll feel satisfied, re-energized and ready to get back to work!


It aids, boosts and not to replace the real thing.

Here’s our dilemma.  When we fall in love, we fall big time.  It’s difficult to get out of the relationship when we fall in love with a guy . . . despite of having some shortcoming.  You see, its devastating when you really like someone BIG time, but when you (guys) unzip those jeans for the first time to find you have a very little friend. This is heartbreaking! In a flash, our future ride into the sunset together disappears. Fear not, this 9 inch silicon vibro will help you compensate for the deficiencies.  Only, if you’re open-minded enough and consider sex toys as your ally instead of your enemy and nightmare. It’s only a tool and it doesn’t have a mind of its own, it’s still you who’s going to do the work. So there’s nothing to be worried about.

Condom banana jeans

Still, a lot of guys regard sex toys as something foreign and intimidating.  Maybe because they’re not confident enough in bed.  Maybe they compare themselves to the battery-powered object.  Maybe it’s because their own parts can’t rotate, or vibrate.  Maybe it’s because some toys are made to unrealistic proportions, and designed purely with total female pleasure in mind. Maybe it’s because girls are so relaxed talking about them, that they find that intimidating.  Wake up guys!  We find men sexier when they’re confident about themselves.  Sex toys aren’t there to replace you, their existence is purely to help you become a better lover.





MayumiCabralMAYUMI CABRAL Is a wannabe writer who started dating after college – that’s why she’s making up for those dateless college days. She loves to chronicle her adventures and bloopers behind them.  She loves the sun, the moon and the stars.

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