Nice Guy vs. Gentleman

Most of us guys regard the term ‘gentleman’ as synonymous to ‘nice guy’. But there’s a certain difference between a nice guy and a gentleman. The difference is going to be the key as to whether you will have a successful relationship (or not) with a woman. It is important to learn the distinction between these two words. Not only that – you also need to learn how to act suitably if you’re ever going to make a relationship work.

So let’s take a closer look and spot the difference between a gentleman and a nice guy:



Gentleman | A gentleman will open a door for a lady cheerfully and confidently. He gently touches her on the elbow, shoulder or even the upper back. It shows that he cares about her and that he really enjoys touching her. Please note that this type of touching is very appropriate only when out on a date. This gesture delicately lets the woman know that you are interested in her.

Nice Guy | Yes, a nice guy will gladly open the door for a lady, but, due to lack of confidence, he will not gently touch the woman on her upper back, shoulder or elbow. He will avoid contact altogether because he’s anxious to touch the woman without her consent. While this act is nice, it is not very appealing to women. They do not want a man that is such a nice guy that he’s afraid to touch them and this just doesn’t work for women. So for the nice guys out there, remember to adopt the behavior of a gentleman and you’ll go much further in the dating world.



body language

Gentleman | Every gentleman understands body language and he really knows how to read a woman. He recognizes the attraction and he knows how to react when a lady is sending all the right signals. Woman willingly responds since she is sending off the signals in the first place. And the gentleman knows this because he understands women and he recognizes body language and signals that say its okay to take things for the next level.

Nice Guy | In contrast, a nice guy has no idea how to spot signals and chemistry as he is clueless on how to read body language. This is awkward time for the nice guy, because as much as he wants to make a move, he just doesn’t know if it’s appropriate. This can be a serious mood killer for the woman! This would seriously put a hamper on the date and even ruin the evening.




Gentleman | At the end of the first date, a gentleman would have no problem sweeping a woman off her feet by giving her a kiss good night. Please note that this isn’t about a friendly peck on the cheek. A gentleman will give her lady a full kiss on the lips passionately.

Nice Guy | This is where the nice guy totally screw up – instead of leaning in for a passionate kiss, the nice guy feels the need to ask permission ahead of time. Another mood killer for the lady as this takes all the romance out of the air. While it might seem like a nice thing to do, but in reality you’re hurting your chances at really impressing this woman. She wants to be surprised and excited by the first kiss.




Gentleman | Most of the time, a woman just wants the man to take charge and a gentleman really knows how to lead and make decisions. He knows how to act and he knows how to put a plan together to create the perfect day or evening out. He comes up with a plan and set it into motion and gets the ball rolling.

Nice Guy | This is the exact opposite for the nice guy. He is always asking women questions about where they want to go, what they want to do. And then the woman will often shrug it off and asked the guys opinion. Sometimes this will not bother a woman, but other times it’s going to turn around and bite you in the neck. Besides, if you ask a woman out and then you don’t have a plan, it’s bad-mannered because you’re wasting her time.

So, if you fall in a nice guy type, do your best to learn how to become a gentleman. You’ll be better-off in your love life when you do. Further, behaving like a gentleman brings out the lady in every woman. Remember that a true gentleman never go out of style. Take some notes on the difference between being a gentleman and just being a nice guy, and use them for the rest of your life.

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