Why Size and Stamina Matter?

It’s a topic that has yet to go away and probably never will. Is this something about which you genuinely care? Self-proclaimed sexpert Willy ‘D Great offers personal opinions on just how important the size and stamina are in the bedroom; what matter; and what doesn’t.



 Why are size and stamina considered so important for men? I’ve been wondering this for a while…do most women really think that ‘a bigger penis and longer stamina’ is better? – PETER

Dear Peter,

It’s a common knowledge that size is one of the hot topics of discussion women chat about their sex lives. We, men, on the other hand are obviously conscious about the size of our penises, who isn’t? In fact, we are secretly wishing that we had a bigger one. Kase, having a Peter instead of Pepito make us more confident enough to believe that we can easily satisfy our women (oh, sorry for using your name to compare big to small, I’m sure when you were a little boy your lolo called you Pepito).


Being confident in bed is one of the keys to pleasing a woman. The amount of effect that being a confident lover has on a woman’s pleasure cannot be overstated. Besides, having the right size can somehow do half of the job. Don’t get me wrong; I am assuming that you’re smart enough to know how to maximize that “universe gift” to humanity, and not the classic douche who thinks that having an awesome tool is a sure way ticket to the world of “awesomeness”. In short, knowing what to do with having the right tool is easier than owning a device with a “little deficiency”. 

Always remember though: you can’t be good on size without stamina, and vice versa.

Meaning, having the right size alone is not enough — stamina is vital as well. The simple reason for this is that no matter how well endowed you are, it takes most women more than just a minute or two to orgasm. No matter what your penis size is, if you can’t last as long as you or your partner wants you to. There is nothing more frustrating to a woman than being just on the brink of orgasm, and the guy can’t hold back any longer and climaxes before she has a chance to. So, don’t be that guy!


Now, does these mean women all want “marathon men” in between the sheets? Not always…. but it’s great to be one. You can ask the ladies and they will tell you how it’s really nice to be with a man who has complete control of their orgasms. If you want to improve your sexual endurance, you may want to read the FITNESS WORKOUT TO ACCELERATE SEXUAL DRIVE – 3 simple DIY exercises to boost your sexual libido. You may also want to try supplements or boosters that can give you some power to last longer — like The Black Rhino. Sabi nga nila, sexual activity is physical activity: and the best way to get sexually fit is to be physically fit. Therefore, you better get up and get moving if you want a strong sex drive.


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Here comes the critical question: what if you’re not well endowed? While size does matter to most women, having a slightly below average, mildly crooked penis is just fine as long as you know more about how to use it and know where you can excel in other areas, because intercourse is just one part of sex; sex encompasses so much more.


By nature, men want to be good at sex, and we also want to know that we’re good at sex. Yet, the things that actually make a man good at sex are vague and hard to define precisely, like “passion”. It’s difficult to quantify being “passionate” in bed. But, size and stamina, on the other hand, are easily quantified.

Let me explain further: you cannot measure “passion”, but you and your partner can feel the effect – yung lang it’s difficult to quantify the amount of passion you have experienced.  In the case of size and stamina, it can be measured by length and diameter (size); strength and time (stamina). So when your girl rates your performance, she always bases it on the quantifiable aspect of your sexual actions. Narinig mo na ba silang mag exchange ng notes with their girlfriends? Bro, it’s all about size and stamina.  



Call me Willy ‘D Great, contributor for The Black Rhino Man. Programmer by day but certified lady’s man by night. Trying hard to master the Taglish language in my writing gigs. I live in an imaginary bachelor pad overlooking the multiple lights of the 6 o’clock horrible traffic in Manila with my future wife, whom I haven’t met yet, and my precious and beloved computer.

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