SHAPES Matter Too

“One of the top women’s gossips is penis’ shape.  Yes, it’s not the size . . . it’s the shape.  It’s a favorite topic we giggle about on a late night, all girls night out.”


By Mayumi Cabral

Sizes-Image3In science, a man’s reproductive organ functions the same and a normal penis has the same parts but physically penises can actually differ not only in size but in shapes as well.  When it comes to sexual intercourse, there is always a debate whether size or length matters but what’s uncommon but actually a factor is also the shape itself. Men’s penises are unique in such away that they can resemble different objects and with that resemblance are different advantages when it comes to intercourse. This means that with a certain position there is a more suitable position to be done for the enjoyment of both partners.


Below are the different shapes of a penis and its description.

  • A penis resembling a pencil- means that the body and thickness has the same appearance. It is considered to be the most common shape amongst men and the glands are more narrow and pointed thus making it great for any type of sex position.
  • Curved penises– slight curves from the left or the right are normal and pose no problems, what makes this advantageous is it can easily hit the female’s G-Spot during intercourse.
  • A mushroom penis– is those that have large glans and uniformed shaft but is thinner than the tip. With mushroom shaped penis, oral sex is better for males.
  • The cone shaped penis– has thin glans with a shaft that gets thicker; this shape is more flexible than the others.
  • Banana shaped penis– are also common shaped ones and are flexible as well. The glans and the base are the same but the shaft is thicker in the middle.
  • Hammer shape– with this shape the head is thick while the shaft is small.
  • Carrot shape– has a smaller head but bigger shaft.  For this shape of penis deep penetration is recommended to fully satisfy your partner.
  • Boomerang shaped penis– may appear broken in the middle but it actually is not though it can easily bend to the right or left.  This type or shape is not common and is developed due to a disease called “Peyronie” or it can also be caused by how it is stored in the pants.


Whatever the shape of your partner’s penis is, there is no need to worry whether or not it will work out for the both of you, what’s important is that you openly communicate what is best suited and comfortable for you and your partner. Who knows, maybe it will be more fun to explore different things with your partners shaped member.



MayumiCabralMAYUMI CABRAL Is a wannabe writer who started dating after college – that’s why she’s making up for those dateless college days. She loves to chronicle her adventures and bloopers behind them.  She loves the sun, the moon and the stars.