Can you do it orally?

“Go down on, blowjob, giving head , or whatever you prefer to call it . . . this is an act that is not for all but enjoyed by many”


Oral sex has become  a more common sexual act among couples since the “Sexual Revolution” of the 1960s. It has often been assumed that men have a greater interest in oral sex than women during that time. Also, when oral sex occurs, the common perception is that a female is performing oral sex on a male than it is a male performing oral sex on a female. Today, couples are equally more active in exploring this act to spice things up in bed.

Oral sex can also be distinguished as Cunnillinctus or Connillingus which involves the female region or Fellatio for the male region.  The above terms may seem more formal but there are also slang terms which includes go down on, blowjob, giving head  or using the word eat/eating. With many terms and practices involved many shy away from this topic thus making it something that is not completely accepted even if we feel that more people are open minded in today’s society.

When we say oral sex ,it is defined as the oral stimulation of the vagina or penis using one’s own mouth, lips or tongue. Oral sex is not confined with the vagina and penis alone. The anus (butthole) is also stimulated if a couple prefers.

under-the-sheetFor oral sex to be enjoyable, couples should openly talk about what they want and what are their preferences. This would involve the physical aspect as well as the act itself. It is important to know whether your partner would like how either areas of your region to appear or look like (e.g. if it would be hairless, trimmed/groomed or all natural) and if you are open to both areas meaning the sexual organ and the anus or not. As for the act itself it is in mutual consent on how and when one does it. Of course, partners should be vocal about this especially if the person doing it makes either of them feel pleased or not. Another thing is for hygienic reasons, it is preferred that before engaging in this sexual act, couples should wash their genitals or should be aware if one or the other has an infection or even symptoms of it, even if oral sex is deemed as generally safe and a way to avoid unwanted pregnancy, infections are not an exemption. If your partner has a genital infection and you started doing the act then you are susceptible to get another kind of infection on your lips, mouth or tongue. Otherwise, oral sex is relatively safe.

Since the topic of infections came up. Some of the diseases that are accompanied with oral sex can include herpes, syphilis, gonorrhoea, hepatitis A and viruses such as warts, intestinal parasites and the like. There are also researches that doing oral sex includes the risk of having HIV though it is relatively low. With this in mind, it should be highly stressed that couples should be open and talk about issues before engaging on any sexual activity.


Oral sex or whatever you prefer to call it is an act that is not for all but enjoyed by many. It is up to you if you will or can do it. Whatever your beliefs are it is a well known fact that it pleases and it gives extra excitement in bed before or even after .


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