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All about different circumcision styles


We all know what circumcision is and we also know that it is an elective process for males. But did you know that in circumcision it isn’t just all about cutting the loose skin, there are actually different styles in doing it. Who said that you couldn’t decide on what your genitals will look like or how you want it to be? No one! In fact there are different looks for circumcision. After deciding to go with the procedure, men should decide on what type of style they want their penises to have.

The different styles you should first determine are what the tightness will be. Will it be tight or loose?

Though it may seem unnatural but it is actually a thing especially nowadays where people are more open. Speaking about this type of procedures is not something to be ashamed of. Although what type of cut you ultimately decide, it does not in any way affect the penis or its ability to reproduce or be aroused. Others may contest that depending on the type of cut you have a certain degree of flexibility is affected since the amount and the location of the foreskin which was removed matters.


The different styles you should first determine are what the tightness will be. Will it be tight or loose? If you opt to remove fewer foreskin then it will be loose, if you remove more then it will be tight either way both are all right since the skin is elastic in nature. Another thing to determine is its position. Will it be high or low? When you say high, more skin from the shaft is removed which results in a line that is closer to the middle of the penile shaft and when it is low, it removes less of the skin which then results in a line that is closer to the penis. This line or the scar line (healed part) occurs during circumcision. During the procedure the remaining skin from the shaft and the remaining foreskin are then brought closer to heal thus becoming the scar line.


Determining the tightness and position can vary from one man to another, but with those options a man can derive various variations such as the normal and most common one, which is a mildly tight circumcision. The high and tight, increases the tightness of the skin during erection but does not cause any discomfort, the inner and outer foreskin are connected by 2-3cm. The low and tight has fewer foreskins and the scar line is closer to the glans. The high and loose has a looser skin on the shaft and the connection can give a bulge. Last but not the least, the low and loose, the scar line is closer to the glans, which may make the connection invisible, also the foreskin is slightly shortened.


All in all, which style you go depends on your preference. In no way does it affect your penis and how it functions. Feel free to explore, choose and be happy with your penile style.


IMC Circumcision Clinic London


  • Normal Circumcision Style
    This circumcision style is most commonly performed. It results in a mildly tight circumcision and a common scar line location.
  • High and Tight Circumcision
    This style results in increased tightness of the skin during an erection, however not tight enough to cause discomfort.


  • Low and Tight Circumcision
    The scar line is much closer to the glans resulting in less of the original foreskin remaining.


  • High and Loose Circumcision
    The glans can still be exposed with less foreskin removal, with the resulting shaft having looser shaft skin.
  • Low and Loose Circumcision
    Similar to the style above, but with the scar line closer to the glans.






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