Should Men Be Circumcised?

(The Cut Conversation Part 2)

“Should the male species ponder about whether or not to undergo circumcision or will they just give in to what they grew up believing is the norm?”


Circumcision is a procedure not favored by all men although scientifically it does not affect a mans penis or its ability to reproduce nor does it affect in any way the sexual pleasure for either of the partners, but for certain cultures circumcision is necessary and is not something to think about.


Circumcision is a surgical procedure of removing the skin covering the tip of the penis. Traditionally, a male is circumcised before they hit puberty but many parents today opt for their newborns to get circumcised so to avoid any pain that may cause their children when they get older or to unburden their child on experiencing the pain and the process of recovering after the surgery, though circumcising newborns is widely practiced now a days it still is more delicate and is considered a complex procedure.

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CTBR-Circ3ulturally, circumcision is mandatory with Jews and Muslims but as time went by circumcision has been a tradition of other cultures as well. Some may even joke or pester males who have yet to be circumcised because of how it looks and some may contest of hygienic reasons. But medically speaking, circumcision is an elective procedure.


With this in mind, should the male species think about whether or not to undergo circumcision or will they just give in to what they grew up believing is the norm?


To give us a more in depth review, let us break down the pros and cons of circumcision.


  1. You can lower your chances of having Urinary track infection since studies shows that uncircumcised males have a higher level of bacterial growth under the foreskin, which are cut off from circumcised penises.
  2. It can decrease the risk of having Penile cancer though there are no known or concrete proof that circumcision can prevent penile cancer, it can still help in the prevention of it ,one of the reasons is that it can easily be cleaned and good genital hygiene can easily be maintained.
  3. As stated above, circumcised men can easily maintain the cleanliness of their penis for the reason that uncircumcised penises needs the foreskin to be pulled back to be able to clean the entire penis.
  4. Lessen the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases or HPV
  5. It can help prevent Phimosis or the inability to pull back the foreskin, Paraphimosis or the inability to return the foreskin to its normal state, and when doing so causes pain and Balanoposthitis or the inflammation of the foreskin.



  1. Since circumcision is elective, some cultures or belief may view circumcision as a way to violate or mutilate the body, others may view it as something done for the sake of aesthetics alone.
  2. There are complications while undergoing the procedure although it is very rare to happen. Examples of which are cutting the foreskin too long or short, infections, bleeding or complications during the healing process.


Whether or not you are circumcised, it is your body and it is your choice. It is important to respect one’s belief when it comes to this type of decisions. What’s important is that you are healthy and your penis is free from any complications. Actually, circumcision is your CHOICE.




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