Standards of Foreplay

“Foreplay is not only an act to be done or a warm up of sorts, it is something that can make partners more involved with one another and make them feel more comfortable thus making the sexual act more satisfying.”


The matter of sex is simple yet complex, it is an act that is done to express the feelings of the persons involved. It should have mutual consent and should be totally enjoyed by both parties. A word we normally hear in bed and is a somewhat prelude to the main act is the term “foreplay”.


Foreplay, is a sexual act that people engaged in during intercourse before they have sex. It is a form or erotic stimulation to get both parties in the mood. When you ask around, women are more inclined to say that foreplay is important for them rather than males for the reason that women tends to need more time to get fully aroused and achieve their peak. But what should be instilled is that foreplay is not only an act to be done or a warm up of sorts, it is something that can make partners more involved with one another and make them feel more comfortable thus making the sexual act more satisfying.


Many may say that foreplay is not necessary and that women usually asks for more foreplay for them to be fully satisfied and prepared before the main act. But foreplay is not for the benefit of one but for both partners.Foreplay can be done in many ways. Examples of such are with the hands. Massaging one another may surprisingly be arousing and relaxing to both parties. Talking and making sounds like moaning can also be a form of foreplay. Dirty talk with one another about your fantasies and about what you want to do with each other, with this your mind will be stimulated as well as your bodies. Slowly undressing one another can also be a simple act of foreplay, the visual appeal to one another can make both parties significantly turned on.


For men, playing with the women’s breasts is sexually stimulating. Take the time to arouse your partner. But did you know that men can also get aroused when their partner plays with their nipples. Another thing is kissing, prolonged romantic kissing stimulates all senses. Kissing involves not only the lips but all parts of the body your prefer, using the tongue is also good.


Lastly, foreplaying by playing the genitals should be done to fully arouse and stimulate one another. By playing with each other’s private area both person’s can achieve the peak or orgasm they need. An example of how to play with one another’s parts is by oral stimulation. Blow job or Cunnilingus can be done. An additional act can be the playing with the entirety of the male sex organ including the balls.


The sexual act is something that should be completely enjoyed by the parties involved. It should be mutual and fair. Both should be satisfied and feel that they have achieved what they both want. In the meantime, relax and enjoy the act.






DO . . .

  • Know the hotspots. Don’t focus on the penis and the vagina only. Every person has different hotspots. By stroking, kissing, nibbling or licking those hotspots feels amazing and is a real turn on. Keep exploring and surprise your partner by going to unexpected places.
  • Try different things. Nothing is more boring than doing the same routine every time. Be creative and try different things! Tease your partner with your touch, your lips, your mouth. You can even use some props, like feathers or gloves. Use some lube for new sensation. Keep an eye at your partner’s body language to find out if they like what you are doing.
  • Take your time and do it slowly. Foreplay isn’t a marathon, so take the time to do the play properly. Cuddle, kiss and stroke without demanding anything in return. Get the massage oil out and give your partner a nice and relaxing shoulder rub. Those sensual touch feels great and may get your partner in great mood.


DON’T . . .

  • Rush. Rushing it is not a good idea because foreplay is very important for women. Once men have an erection, they are pretty much ready to go. Women on the other hand need some time to get in the mood, both emotionally and physically.
  • Overdue it. Yes,foreplay is fun and important prelude to sex. But it doesn’t mean you should keep on doing it as long as you can. You may ejaculate before you move on to intercourse, or come straight away when you do. Master the art of perfect timing, when’s she’s on peak and you’re ready, you can stop doing it and do the main thing.
  • Over think. Just relax and go with the flow. There’s no rules when and where you do it. Foreplay can start any time – there’s no perfect time when is the best time to do it. It can start with a deep, longing look into each other’s eyes, with a not-so-accidental touch or with a demanding kiss. Even flirting and teasing with words can be part of foreplay. Letting you partner know you are attracted to her and would like to make love to them can be very sexy and a huge turn on.



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