What’s your Fetish?

. . . it is something you feel strong about. It is a want that you feel is necessary.


Fetish-Image4Everyone is unique in their own way. Everyone has their own style, preferences or tastes in everything and anything. When it comes to matters in bed there is no exemption, people have their own things they want to do or see to turn them on or make them more excited, may it be the simplest things or the weirdest of acts, what they want is all that matters. Talking about things that turn people on in bed, there is a term called “fetish”.


When you say fetish, it is something you feel strong about. It is a want that you feel is necessary. A kind of fetish is the Sexual Fetishism or Erotic Fetishism. It is a fetish that focuses on an object or a person’s body part. A person who has a certain fetish is called a Fetishist. A fetishist can be turned on or aroused when engaged with the object or part they have deemed to be their fetish. In most medical cases, they consider fetishes as a mental disorder especially if it borders in obsession meaning a person can’t continue their daily lives or act normally without contact or doing whatever act they need with their fetishes but if your fetish has something to do in bed and is not necessary for you to function daily then it is safe and won’t affect your mental state.


What are the examples of Fetishes? See below for examples:

  • One of the most heard about fetish is the fetish with the feet or a foot. Mostly chosen by men, people who has a fetish with the foot/feet tends to touch, smell or even lick it to become fully aroused and sexually satisfied.
  • Voyeurism, is something that is done through watching or observation. People with this fetish are turned on just by looking at people having sex or by staring at naked bodies. Many may not know it but they might actually have this kind of fetish.
  • A fetish for Latex involves the partner wearing latex, vinyl or other shiny material while engaging in sex. Mostly Rubberists has this kind of fetish.
  • The dominant and submissive or BDSM (bondage, domination and submission, sadism and masochism). This may be an activity like role playing wherein there is a dominant who mostly does the act and the submissive the one at the receiving end.
  • Body piercing. This fetish is actually popular and people with piercings are attracted to those who have piercings as well. Looking at a person’s piercing may be enough to turn the other person on.
  • The Breast, Behind and the Hair. Usually involves the partner looking, touching and playing with the certain body part. For people who has this fetish it is important that they continually engage with this part to be fully satisfied.
  • Cross dressing. Similar to BDSM in terms of role playing alone. A partner wants to have the other person involved dressed up in their chosen uniform or costume and pretend to be someone else.


There are so much more kinds of Fetish since everyone has different sexual preferences. For some fetishes are something that is not discussed in public or should never be shared by anyone but in today’s open minded society, a fetish is a common thing to have. Do not be ashamed if ever you have one and always enjoy each moment you can have.




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