Sexual appetite in the cold weather

“Women tend to cover up more during cold weather, revealing less skin and thus becomes more of a novelty for men to look at a woman’s body with less clothing. . .”

coldweather3A man’s sexual appetite varies from one male to the other. The appetite is powered by the sex drive or the libido. Defined as a person’s overall drive for any sexual activity. The libido is affected by several factors such as the biological, psychological and emotional state of the person. The libido is triggered by sexual desires that are important for the building and maintaining of an intimate relationship; a lack of it can affect one’s relationship. If a person has high libido but cannot be satisfied, they become what is called “sex starved” or “sexually frustrated”. Although human factors often come to play there are other factors as well that affects the sex drive of men. One of which is the weather, specifically the cold weather. But does it really have an affect on a man’s ravenous and sensual desires? Read further to know more about it.


It has been a debate on whether or not a man’s sexual appetite increases or decreases during the cold weather but recent studies stated that men are more aroused during the colder months although the researchers concluded that the men’s attraction increased not because of the women’s faces but to their bodies. This result may be because of the fact that during the summer season men often see more skin from the women wearing less clothing thus setting the bar way up on terms of sexiness and attractiveness while in the colder months, women tend to cover up more revealing less skin and thus becomes more of a novelty for men to look at a woman’s body with less clothing. Another thing is that some say that men have sex more in colder months because there are fewer distractions and people often stay indoors which gives more time for couples to be together.


In the opposite side of the debate, some say that the cold weather diminished a man’s sexual appetite. Having cold weather eliminates a couple’s spontaneity for sex. A simple shiver from your partner can ruin the mood and heaters and fireplaces can fight the low temperature but not the lowering desires. During the cold months, there is less light outside and the environment seems dreary making the production of serotonin (increases your sexual desire) minimal. Also, contradicting to the first statement, another study stated that a woman wearing thick clothing that hides a large part of the body during the cold months decreases a man’s sexual desire. Lastly, during the cold months people tend to binge more on high carbohydrates and fatty foods, which can also contribute to a low sex drive.


The statements above are based only on social experiments; there is no hard-core scientific evidence that proves that a man’s sexual appetite increases or decreases in cold weather. Whatever your side is, it is good to know where you stand. The important thing is that you and your partner know each other’s wants and needs and are mutual in all things sex.

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