Talk Dirty To Me!

“You don’t have to be a porn star to turn each other on with words. Dirty Talk is the usage of words that are graphically about anything that involves a sexual act to heighten or arouse the partner . . .”


In every sexual experience, partners would usually converse, even if some may prefer not to, there will always be a time when they will talk about their sexual act may it be before, during or after. Some may need it to turn them on or make them feel more satisfied while some may just like to talk about it. Whatever words you or your partner say, talking about anything during sex is naturally called “talking dirty”.


Talking dirty or Dirty Talk is the usage of words that are graphically about anything that involves a sexual act to heighten or arouse the partner. Some may consider this part of foreplay and may be done in person or through the telephone.


Even if talking dirty is nothing new, not everyone is comfortable doing it or are used to talking dirty. Fortunately, there are a lot of information to be shared whether online or through your closest peers and it doesn’t take a scientist to impress your partner with dirty talking.


Bear in mind that when you do know what to say, the erotic payoff is huge. The Black Rhino Team gathered a few basic guidelines to help you tap into your inner dirty gigolo persona. Prepare to arouse her like never before. So, if you are clueless or have no idea on what is talking dirty or how to start doing it, below are some tips for you to try out.


  • Try to make your vocal sound more seductive. Mostly, having a sexy voice involves a deeper tone that your usual one. Remember, to still keep it as natural as possible, try out some tones, experiment with your partner and find the right tone for both of you.
  • Talking dirty doesn’t necessarily mean that you immediately verbalize everything; you may start with a warm up like, soft moans and seductive sounds and whispers. Have your partner do it as well; by doing this, it may give a sense of pleasure to both partners.
  • A best way to start is by complimenting your partner. Praise each other’s bodies or how you make each other feel. This will set the mood and make it more comfortable for both of you to talk more.
  • Start slow and gradually be more graphic about it. Test the waters, and step it up if you feel like your partner is also getting into it. Examples of dirty talk starters are: “you look sexy”, “I love feeling your hands on me”, “I want you” or “you turn me on”. Don’t be shy and try to mix up your words more.
  • You may also try to talk in detail, on how you want your intercourse to go or what you want your partner to do and vice versa. You can also talk before you do it or while your doing the act.
  • Talking dirty also involves you asking your partner if they like what you are doing or what they want. It also can be about how excited you are and your fantasies.
  • Lastly, you can graphically say what you are feeling or if you are near the end.


Talking dirty is not something to be ashamed of. What’s important is that you and your partner are open to it and can communicate comfortably. Try it! It may spice up your sex life like you never imagined.

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