Sexy Shower Sex

“How to do it in the shower? You can’t expect it to work like normal intercourse, but you can find ways to make your bathroom your own sexual water park. Here are some of the best tips . . .”


One way or the other, surely a couple has asked this question or if not may have tried having sex while in the shower. Some may have liked it and probably some will not do it again. Of course, sexual partners differ from their preferences but actually shower sex is not something new.


shower3Couples who are at a certain level of comfort tend to use the bathroom at the same time and that includes taking a bath so it is not surprising to know that they may have done it more than once while bathing. Shower sex is self-explanatory; whatever sexual act you do inside a bathing area is considered shower sex.


Having sex in the shower may be fantasized by many since it has been viewed in movies as being hot and sexy though it may look easy its actually a little tricky and dangerous to be having sex in the shower. The reason for this is because of the area being slippery, someone might accidentally lose control or balance. Another thing is the usage of a condom is risky because water can mess with the condom’s lubricant causing it to break easily.


Before engaging in shower sex, read further below on our tips on how you and your partner can stay safe and at the same time enjoy your time in the shower.


shower2For sexual positions and other sexual things to do in the shower you may try the following:

  • Bend over and let your partner hold onto something stable while you position behind her. Also, make sure that your feet are in a position you are comfortable with and is not slippery.
  • Rest her back against the wall and allow her to wrap one leg on your waist.


Other tips are:


  • Use a mat on the tub or the floor; this will generally help you keep your balance and footing. You can also use treads that can give your back some traction.
  • Don’t be afraid to use sex toys in the shower or even the showerhead! Use the stream and put it in between your legs. There are things such as edible soap, vibrating sponges, and waterproof toys you can use to enhance your shower sex experience.
  • Masturbating each other is also a good idea in the shower. Although water can eliminate water-based lubes, which also includes a person’s natural lube, using silicone-based ones can help you down there. Your body soap can act as an extra lubricant but for the outside parts of the body.
  • If you have a bathtub, you can also use it to your advantage. Women can straddle their men while using the tub for extra leverage just keep in mind to keep the water level low.


A logical advantage of having shower sex is that you can easily clean each other’s bodies before and after having sex. Be open and try it out, you may never know, it just might be what you really need.