Don’t Mix Sex & Alcohol!

“Sex and alcohol are not a good mixture. Small amounts of alcohol will do no harm to you sexually, however, excessive amounts of drink can really foul up your sex life.”

Alcohol is a mainstay in almost every party, celebration or special occasions. Men dominate consumption when it comes to these beverages. Oftentimes we hear people say that drinking alcohol can kill a man’s sex drive or make it harder for him to finish. Let us discuss the facts and answer the question: “Is alcohol the culprit?”


drink-beerIt is a given fact that alcohol can make us numb in a way thus proving the fact that alcohol can also reduce both men and women’s sexual sensitivity. Drinking alcohol in large amounts and regularly can affect a person’s sexual response. With men, an erection could be hard to achieve or maintain. Many may contradict that alcohol can boost their sex drive because it heightens their attentiveness and confidence but the effect of alcohol in the body supersedes it.


If you are a regular drinker who drinks more than what is normal, you are at a greater risk of getting the temporary condition called “brewer’s droop” or in worst cases a full-blown impotence. To know more about the brewer’s droop see the bullet points below.

  • Brewer’s Droop is a temporary erectile dysfunction, which is caused by alcohol. Men who drink hefty amounts of alcohol on a regular basis could experience this more than once.
  • The blood vessels dilate when a man consumes alcohol, though blood vessels can make your penis erect, this is only true if alcohol is consumed in moderate amounts thus drinking more will result in the opposite.
  • Brewer’s droop is also called “Whiskey Dick”.


A man can also experience a long-term erectile dysfunction if he has been binging large amounts of alcohol for a long period of time. Studies have shown that 60-70 percent of men who drink excessive amounts of alcohol are experiencing sexual problems due to erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and a total loss of sexual desire. The sperm counts can also decrease as you drink more and more alcohol. Alcohol can affect the levels of sex hormones specifically the testosterone.


Alcohol does not only affect your body physically but also emotionally and psychologically. Since alcohol induces people to behave differently than their normal selves, they tend to take risks more, which the opposite of what they truly need. Examples of which are the chances of getting someone pregnant, alcohol has also been a major factor when it comes to unsafe sex. More people have regretted having sex because they were drunk, and they tend to forget what they did the night before and that includes having sex. People who are drunk may experience the phenomenon called “beer goggles” which is characterized as the distortion of one’s vision and perception that is caused by consuming too much alcohol.


As we often hear, “drink in moderation”. It is not prohibited to drink, but it is your responsibility to drink within your limits. Do not abuse your body. Too much alcohol can lead to actions, which you may regret later on, and can make suffer physically and emotionally. Always drink responsibly.




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