Why is morning wood bigger?

“Ladies are probably wondering why they wake up next to drowsy partners who somehow have rock-hard penises and marveled why they’re so aroused. Morning wood or nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT) is normal in every man. So what’s the science story behind that morning glory?”

the-morning-man2Some men say that the penis is different in the morning — may it be the size or how hard it is – and it is behaving differently even before they wake up. This refers to morning erection, hard wood, morning wood or morning glory. Yes, the penis is harder and more erect, even while you are still sleeping. Scientifically it is called the nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT). Having morning erections is a healthy response for men who are experiencing it. On the average, a healthy man could have at least 3 to 5 erections while asleep. The question is why does the penis erect on its own even if the body is unconscious?

  1. the-morning-manIt may be the cause of a chemical called the noradrenaline. This hormone can hinder erections during the day, but as a man sleeps, the brain releases less chemicals thus making the penis erect.
  2. If urine is accumulated. While asleep the bladder becomes full which fills the urethra, causing the penis to become engorged and erect.
  3. Wet dreams. There is no age limit when it comes to sensual dreams. When a man thinks, imagines or dreams about sexual things that could make him aroused, the penis will be erect even in sleep.
  4. Having a morning wood is also a reflex. The erection in the morning can be the leftover of a nighttime erection.
  5. Using male enhancing medications/supplements. Some medications can also cause morning erections if taken the previous day or the night before.

On the other hand, below are the reasons why a man does not experience morning erections:

  1. Some of the young adolescents are not yet capable of a full erection.
  2. If a man has yet to come out of his rapid eye movement (REM) state.
  3. Men who have erectile dysfunction or impotence are less likely to have morning erection. Even if they do have an erection it would not be firm enough for penetration. An erectile dysfunction may be caused by physiological or psychological factors.

Moreover, one of the noticeable transformations of the penis in the morning includes the penis being harder (and more sensitive). The slightest touch can make a man more aroused and his sex drive is higher than other time of the day. Because the penis is more engorged in the morning, men feel as if their penises are larger and thicker in girth.

Whatever you know about the penis in the morning, the best thing to do and the most tried and tested method is to experience and see it for yourself. Who knows you might even discover something new about your penis. So, the next time you wake up, check it out and see the difference.

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