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Bare Necessities

“EVERY guy should own these sets of classics that can be worn together, mixed and matched and messed up as much as you want . . . you can then reach for these whenever the occasion calls for.”


Men’s fashion is beginning to become just as important (and lucrative) as women’s fashion. Yes, ladies are watching closely how we stock our wardrobe. I’m not saying we just indulge in a shopping spree right away, just for the sake of keeping up with trends. For men, shopping is like building a house. A good foundation is most important to start with.   If you don’t know where to start, do not rely on your limited knowledge, or simply buy whatever is the trend of the moment and hope for the best. That’s not the right way to do it . . .especially with clothes.

Whether you’re a fashion newbie or an already budding sartorialist (from the famous fashion blog by Scott Schuman), always begin with the bare essentials.



Here’s a quick rundown of the types of T-shirts that should be neatly tucked in your closet. A grey, black and white are classic colors you should have that you can rely on to go with anything. You can choose between the Crew Neck – these are the ones with the round collars and are probably what most guys out there are used to wearing; or the V-neck – an alternate style and on trend right now. These show a little more of your neck and make you appear and feel more relaxed.  They are great at being the base item for layering i.e. with sweaters, hoodies or sports jackets.



A pair of dark denim is unavoidably classic, versatile and stylish. I shouldn’t need to point out all the ways that jeans can be worn and the reasons why you should have a pair (you probably master the art of wearing jeans by now). But go with the dark indigo type because they’re easier to dress down than to dress up your bleached pair, trust me.




Shirts are different from T-shirts. These are button-down and come in a variety of materials such as oxford and linen. Nowadays, they’re tailored closer to the body lines to give a slim, crisply styled fit. You can wear it with a tie – although it isn’t must but will definitely help lift the look above casual. If you wanted to retain a casual look – loosen that tie, loosen the top buttons and roll up those sleeves!




This blazer is always going to be a must. It goes great with absolutely anything (just so long as it isn’t black) and can smarten up just about any piece that you pair it with. Avoid the old-school ones with gold/brass buttons and you’ll do just fine.





Aim for a middle grey (somewhere between cement and charcoal), so that it is appropriate for any time of the year and you can wear it with anything. With the white shirt and black shoes for interviews or board meeting. Or lose the slacks and pair them with jeans and V-neck T-shirt for a night out.




You may have the clothing part nailed down but it’s not really a complete outfit if you don’t have the shoes to go with it. Your ensemble is only as good as your footwear. And believe me; I have seen this happen a lot. A pair of loafers is a must-have– wear them almost everywhere. They look especially great with some dark denim jeans, a grey or white shirt and a navy blazer. When it comes to formal footwear, you can’t go wrong with a leather brown or black formal lace-ups as long as they are made from good quality leather. Trainers aren’t just for work out– try wearing a pair with your suits – lose the tie and the formal lace ups when you head out to your dinner date. These simple trainers can be an amazing way of dressing down an otherwise formal outfit. Try them with your striped shirts and your blazers and see how it looks.


Ok, so there you have it, the basic wardrobe items that EVERY guy should own. Remember, all the listed items can be worn together, mixed and matched and messed up as much as you want. You can then reach for these whenever the occasion calls for. If you don’t already own these items then I would strongly urge you to acquire them right away!