Are You Bad In Bed?

“Many men like to believe that they are sex gods, but when you look under the covers, the truth is that they don’t quite perform as perfectly as they may brag about, and often leave their ladies unsatisfied.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Black Rhino Man team invited a female contributor to list our blunders underneath the sheets. Luckily for us, these common mistakes are generally result not from lack of skill but from wrong habits we thought were okay. And if this will be viewed, as had a bedroom sign, this is how it might read.

We love having sex with you and we love that you love having sex with us, too. But sometimes you do things that we don’t like – weird things. These are things that you think are sexy and guaranteed to make us groan with pleasure, but in reality make us want to roll over and turn on the TV. Those sex blunders you commonly do are downright laughable, uncomfortable, awkward or even painful sometimes. Do you ever wonder why women sometimes don’t climax, despite the heat of the moment? Read on. This is no time for shame or blame.Find out what kills our buzz in bed and get right back into being intimate with ease.

Don’t ask, “What do you like?”
Imagine we’re making out. Pants are coming off, eyes are ablaze . . . and bam . . . you ask this question. Yes, the magic is gone! I feel anxious and pressured to provide you an acceptable answer that won’t rub off your ego. Do you want me to answer you, something like “yeah baby, I like oral stimulation followed by intercourse resulting in my eventual orgasm.”That’s a total turn-off. If you are trying to sound sexy and wild, and open to anything, shut your pie hole and show me what you’ve got instead. If you arethat good and sexy, I will definitely discover that.

Please don’t’ shave your balls
Embrace your hairiness – you’re a guy, for Pete’s sake! Having sex with a guy who shaves his balls is like riding a horse with a saddle made of broken glass. Unless you come up with a noble solution, and I tell you and they are expensive . . .try to accept your body hair. Because if you’re going to shave, you’re going to have to do it every 30 minutes.

Going south too soon.
Always remember that a woman needs to be properly aroused before any below-the-belt action feels good.Diving southward and clicking the pleasure button too soon usually isn’t the best idea. It’s good that you know clitoral stimulation is important. But you need to know that if it’s not done right at the right time, with the right angle and pressure, then it wont feel good, and it may even hurt.Be sure to focus on my entire body — from head to toe — before reaching for the mother pearl.

Multiple positions in one round
I know you tend to have ideas of grandeur. You want to show off your knowledge on a new Kama Sutra book and you want to try out all of the positions. Trust me when I say that this is a common blunder made by many a man. It’s not because we (women) are generally not open to trying new things. In fact, we are open to something new and exciting, and we allow you to fulfill your fantasies, so long as you and I are both comfortable doing it. The issue here is trying too many positions in so little time. Allow me to enjoy the position we’ve started and listen to my body language and if I am ready to take the course in the next level.

Don’t make me act like a porn star
This is reality: I am not an object of your fantasy and don’t treat me like one. Speaking of fantasies, one of the many terrible things portrayed in pornography is the thought that we women should fulfill your every fantasy.

Checking your phone
No, seriously – most men really do this. When the phone beeps, you stop and take a swipe on your screen. Would you rather have sex with your phone? I assume not – so turn it off.

Don’t expect me to climax every time
A lot of men believe that in order for women to completely enjoy the sexual experience, a penetration is necessary to reach orgasm. The truth is that not all women can climax from penetration alone, and you should not feel inferior if your love gun is not the instrument to do this. The reason for this is that not all sex positions directly stimulate the women’s clitoris, which is often essential for women to orgasm. If intercourse won’t work, try the “outercourse”, such as oral sex or hand stimulation. The key to this is to spend some time on me before penetration begins, arouse me to the point of bursting at the seams and then commence intercourse as usual.

If there’s one bit of advice I can give you: real men don’t roll over. This is perhaps the biggest blunder of them all, rolling over after the deed is done and simply going to sleep is a big no-no. Turning the lights out without giving me some post-intercourse attention will surely lose my appetite for future encounters with you. Take some time showing me your appreciation and making me feel very special. Actually some snuggling and cuddling will do the trick.

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