We have so many things in common. This is the reason why we bumped into each other in this venue. We’re guys having the time of our lives and it shows. This sends out powerful signals to those beautiful ladies out there. I’m confident that they find us passionate, witty . . . and man . . . do we admire them—those beautiful, sexy women and we’re not ashamed to admit it.

men-drinkingWe’re not your typical boring and average guys. We’re funny but we poke fun at ourselves, too. Our loyalty can never be questioned. We stick it out with our friends through thick and thin. Oh, majority says we’re go-getters – always eager to learn new things, and in constant search to improve ourselves and be in the know about the goings-on in society.

Sometimes, girls hate us, but most of the time they’re into us. Somehow, they find our diverse mix of interests attractive. We engage in activities such as sports, entertainment, internet and travel. We’re tech-savvy and, we’re almost online everyday, either at home, in the cafes, or even while driving.

And our common denominator is being sexually active who want to add power to an already exciting sex life. We’re the ones who simply want to stoke our sex drive and our ability behind closed doors. I hope this new cyber hang-out serves as venue for us to connect and exchange notes on how to be the man of the hour.

Help me help our fellow black rhino men out there. Share your tips and tricks. If you have outstanding hook up secrets, just send them to blackrhinoph@gmail.com – we’ll let the world know what you’ve got.


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